Die große Akustik-Piratenbucht

präsentiert von raptor records und folk's worst nightmare

DIY-Label und Veranstaltungskollektiv, das vor Allem dabei helfen soll, die Musik befreundeter Bands in den Umlauf zu bringen und Shows zu veranstalten.


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This is Folk's Worst Nightmare. A lose collective of currently eight singer-songwriters, solo performers, weirdos we established in January 2017 to spread the word about shows we put up in our hood (Nurtemberg, Fuerth, Erlangen). Genre wise this is all about contemporary folk music in it's widest sense. Ranging from Folk-Punk, to Trash-Country, Antifolk, off the wall acoustic music, alt. country, city blues, DIY spirit, punk attitude, well, all this...
Apart from this obviously brillant idea it turned out the whole thing developed an uncontrolable momentum which led to us performing as an eight-piece alternative weirdo folk circus. Which turned out to be a most exciting, utterly entertaining thing and earned us without ever trying to be a real band an unexpected number of shows and headlining slots for the rest of this year.
From May 2017 on there will be also a Folk's Worst Nightmare radio show on Nuremberg's alternative station Radio Z.

If you're interested in this kind of thing it's sure worth following us here or grab one of the FWN flyers you will inevitably come across around town. All events presented on this fb site are in one way or another either connected/related with the collective or include performances by members of Folk's Worst Nightmare.

Folk's Worst Nightmare are
The Black Elephant Band, Mäkkelä, The Devil's Dandy Dude, Tjian, Brickwater, John Steam Jr., Chris Padera, Reverend Reefer

Folk's worst nightmare bei Facebook

Freitag 26.05.2017

18.45 – 19.05 Kris Rocket
19:30 – 19.50 The Cans
20.45 – 21.05 Folks Worst Nightmare
22.00 – 22.20 Stumfol
Samstag 27.05.2017

18.15 – 19.05 Crispy Jones
19:30 – 19.50 tba.
20.45 – 21.05  Folks Worst Nightmare
22.00 – 22.20 Baby Kreuzberg